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Red Dog - Project T

What makes
Red Dog special?

Sponsoring the Future

RedDog will expand worldwide, where everyone can buy 1 unit of meme coin to hold, no matter where they are.

Buy $RedDog

Buy $RedDog early to buy a lambo, it will rapidly change your life!


The developers will BURN LP, which is more effective than locking tokens and will drive the token to achieve its highest value


$REDDOG, the red meme icon on $AVAX is an endless source of inspiration for us

$REDDOG can do many things on this $AVAX

Everything will be good

How to buy

Step 1

Download MetaMask or Trust Wallet Applications

Step 2

Purchase Binance Tokens (BNB) and send them to your MetaMask or Trust Wallet. (Remember to send a small amount if it ’s your first transaction to make sure you have the transfer set up correctly)

Step 3

On our home page, click ‘Buy ’. This will open a Dapp Exchange Called “PancakeSwap”.

Step 4

A popup will open, click the checkbox “I understand”, this will load Red Dog into PancakeSwap. Alternatively you can load PancakeSwap manually and use this address –contract

Step 5

Make sure your MetaMask Wallet or Trust Wallet Is synced with PancakeSwap.

Step 6

Set the amount of RedDog you would like to purchase , and set slippage to 12%. Then press Swap!

Step 7

And …look after your DaddyDoge!